Flat Top Chains SS881 Bevel Sideflexing

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Flat Top Chains SS881 Bevel Sideflexing


Flat top chain, also known as table top chain, is a conveyor chain used to transport a wide variety of products from all walks of life. A flat-top chain consists of a single flat-top plate connected together by a hinge bar. The flat top plate provides a smooth, flat surface for product transportation, while the hinged rod allows the chain to bend and bend in curves and corners.

Flat-top chains are commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, packaging, and automotive to transport products such as bottles, cans, cartons, and auto parts. They are preferred in these industries because they are easy to clean, maintain and operate.

Flat Top Chain Parameter:

Corner tracks or turning disks can be selected for curved transportation.
Suggestion: lubricant
The longest distance: 12M
Working load: 2250N
Material: austenitic stainless steel (non-magnetic) ferritic stainless steel (magnetic)
Packing: 10 feet = 3.048 M/box 26pcs/M
Chain No.
Width ( W )
SS881 – K325
SS881 – K450
SS881 – K600
SS881 – K750

Application Of Flat Top Chain:

Food and beverage industry: Used in food and beverage processing plants for conveying products such as bottles, cans, cans, boxes, and containers. They are ideal for handling food because they have a smooth, flat surface that prevents contamination and are easy to clean.

Packaging industry: Used in packaging plants to transport boxes, cartons, and other packaging materials. They are suitable for handling products of different shapes and sizes and can be customized to suit specific packaging requirements.

Automotive industry: Used in automotive manufacturing plants to transport automotive parts such as engines, transmissions, and tires. They are designed to handle heavy loads and withstand harsh manufacturing environments.

Pharmaceutical industry: Used in pharmaceutical factories to deliver vials, syringes, and other medical products. They are designed to meet the stringent hygiene requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

Warehouses and distribution: Used in warehouses and distribution centers to transport packages, boxes, and other materials. They can be customized to fit a specific warehouse layout and can handle a wide variety of product sizes and shapes.



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Flat Top Chain Application: